I have become thoroughly ensconced in our family business, as well as my own work as an Allied Health Professional. I am the office manager/accounts/organiser/ 'rose' amongst a number of thorns!!

Chris and I were married in 2003 and have jointly ran Graphic Answers, since 2006. My BSc Hons and PgCert, I feel allow me to work with our design clients, to ascertain what exact information they wish to convey and then assist in copy writing. 

As office manager, I am equipped to deal with all matters, such as quotations, appointments and provide general advise. I am responsible for ensuring a happy workforce and that does generally mean, providing a steady supply of food and coffee. The Graphic Answers team, definitely are motivated by buns!

Aside from Graphic Answers, I am an extremely busy mummy of 4 boys - yes, 4 boys!! Coming to work, does seem at times to be somewhat of a break!